Poster Award Winners

Gold Award

14p-P008Crystallographic Orientational Control of Nb-doped Anatase TiO2 Thin Films on Glass Substrates with Inorganic Nanosheets
K. Taira(1,2*), Y. Hirose(1,2), S. Nakao(1,2), N. Yamada(2), T. Kogure(2), T. Shibata(3), T. Sasaki(3), and T. Hasegawa(1,2)
(1) The University of Tokyo, JAPAN (2) Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology (KAST), JAPAN (3) National Institute of Materials Science (NIMS), JAPAN
14p-P052Contact modulation of compositionally homogeneous IZO/IZO channel metallization thin film transistors
Sunghwan Lee(*) and David C. Paine
Brown University, United States
14p-P066Band-edge luminescence from SrTiO3: No polaron effect
Yasuhiro Yamada(*) and Yoshihiko Kanemitsu
Kyoto University, JAPAN
15p-P132Amorphous In-Ga-Zn-O-based Metal-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors by Schottky contact made of bottom Pt electrode
Dong Hee Lee (*), Kenji Nomura, Toshio Kamiya and Hideo Hosono
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Silver Award

14p-P017High Rate Deposition of Ta-doped SnO2 (TTO) by Reactive Sputtering with Plasma Emission Intensity or Impedance Feedback systems
Yu Muto(1,*), Satoshi Nakatomi(1), Nobuto Oka(1), Yoshinori Iwabuchi(2), Hidefumi Kotsubo(2), and Yuzo Shigesato(1)
(1) Aoyama Gakuin Univ., Japan (2) Bridgestone Co., Japan
14p-P060Photovoltaic properties of n-type a-In-Ga-Zn-O / p-type c-Si heterojunction solar cells
Kyeongmi Lee(1*), Kenji Nomura(1), Hiroshi Yanagi(2), Toshio Kamiya(1), and Hideo Hosono(1)
(1)Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan (2)University of Yamanashi, Japan
15p-P087Stable Deposition of Silicon Oxynitride Thin Films with Intermediate Refractive Index by Reactive Sputtering
Yuki Nakanishi (*), Kazuhiro Kato, Hideo Omoto, Takao Tomioka and Atsushi Takamatsu
Central Glass Co., Ltd., JAPAN
15p-P126Thermophysical properties of amorphous IGZO films deposited by dc magnetron sputtering
T. Yoshikawa(1,*), N. Oka(1), T. Yagi(2), Y. Yamashita(2), N. Taketoshi(2), T. Baba(2) and Y Shigesato(1)
(1) Aoyama Gakuin University, JAPAN (2) National Metrology Institute of JAPAN (NMIJ), AIST, JAPAN

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